Bakthat 0.5.0 released with OpenStack Swift support and BakManager integration

I'm proud to announce the release of bakthat 0.5.0, now with OpenStack Swift support as backend (in additition of AWS S3 and Glacier) and BakManager integration. If you don't know bakthat yet, it's a backup framework/command line tool written in Python that let you manage backups on AWS/OpenStack.

This release includes two major features:

OpenStack Swift Support

Thanks to You Yamagata, bakthat now support a third backend: OpenStack Swift, the OpenStack Object Storage service, you can see it as an open source alternative to AWS S3, but it's not a clone, check out the docs for more informations.

BakManager integration

BakManager is a monitoring service for periodic backups, it also provides analytics. It's a client agnostic service since you just need to make a POST request to BakManager API, but bakthat will be tightly integrated with BakManager.

To monitor your periodic backups using bakthat, you just need to add your API token in your profile settings (located at ~/.bakthat.yml by default).

    bakmanager_token: YOUR_BAKMANAGER_TOKEN

And every time you perform a backup, you have to specify the periodic backup key with the parameter, for example:

$ bakthat backup mysqlbakdir -k sql

You check out bakthat documentation on bakmanager integration.

This hook is a first step towards full BakManager integration, the next step is to have bakthat periodic_backups command that interact with BakManager Keys API.

Your feedback

Please don't hesitate if you have any feedback/question/suggestion ! You can also ask question on bakthat forum or checkout the code directly on github.

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