Bakthat 0.2.0 released adding Amazon Glacier support

Bakthat is a little command line tool I created to compress, encrypt (symmetric encryption) and upload files directly to Amazon S3 in a single command. I just released version 0.2 adding Amazon Glacier support.

I initially created bakthat to allow me to quickly perform encrypted backup on Amazon S3 from command-line. But since backups are usually rarely retrieved, I though Glacier might be a better/lower cost alternative to S3 when you don't care waiting 3-5 hours to restore backups.

What's new ?

S3 is the default destination, so if you wan't to backup to Glacier, just add -d glacier to the backup/restore command, more examples in the README.

Handling local Glacier inventory

Since with Glacier, you need to store your own inventory, I choose to store the filename => archive_id mapping in a shelve file (~/.bakthat.db). It also handles backup/restore of the inventory to Amazon S3.

Upgrading from 0.1

To upgrade from 0.1, you just need to add a glacier_vault key a the end of ~/.bakthat.conf.

Your feedback ?

Don't hesitate if you have any questions or feature requests !

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