How to keep Celery running with supervisor

Supervisor is a Python program that allows you to control and keep running any unix processes. It can also restart crashed processes. I use it to make sure Celery workers are always running.

I'm using virtualenv, Celery 3.0.5, and supervisor 3.0. I'm assuming Celery is already installed and configured.


First, you need to install supervisor in your virtualenv and generate a configuration file.

I store a supervisord.conf config file at the root of each project, and also, be careful to use the absolute path to the Python interpreter of the virtualenv.

$ pip install supervisor
$ cd /path/to/your/project
$ echo_supervisord_conf > supervisord.conf

Next, just add this section after the [supervisord] section:

command=/home/thomas/virtualenvs/yourvenv/bin/celery worker --app=myapp -l info 

It's a simplified version of the Celery supervisor example configuration file, adapted to work with virtualenvs.


Just run supervisord in your project directory.

$ supervisord

Then, you can use the supervisorctl command to enter the interactive shell. Type help to get started. You can also execute supervisor command directly:

$ supervisorctl tail celeryd
$ supervisorctl restart celeryd

And you ?

If you have any tips or suggestions, don't hesitate !

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